Men’s Clean & Style Kit

This is a section we use in the salon, suitable for Mens care & styling. Healthy head(+hair) shampoo is a cleansing & caring shampoo, for your hair as well as your scalp, soothing & micro circulation, good scalp circulation, is key for healthy hair. Containing Eucalyptus, sage & tea tree natural oils. After care, now time to style, this is Ronald’s personal favourite, you can choose weather to mix the products together or layer them 1 by 1, Add 1 pump of Style Guru, its creamy & moisturising but with light hold. Follow with 1 finger scoop of C-Paste, which has medium hold derived from natural soy wax, yet still movable & organic Coconut oil provides shine.

Tip; please contact in the comment of your order if you would prefer a K-Gravel, also from O&M, but a more clay type styling product, high hold & matt finish, enriched with Jojoba seed oil, to moisturise from inside.


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