Smooth Backbar Duo – 15% Savings!

Get the most for your money with our professional size Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner, a softening, silkening duo that smoothes, strengthens, and de-frizzes textured hair with each use. Contains Alpha Keratin 60ku®, a healing protein that repaves and repairs damage to make strands naturally whole again.

Turn frizz-prone hair into silky strands on their best behavior.

Smooth Shampoo (500ml) Cleans | Softens | Shines
Fight frizz with this silkening formula that delivers strong, sleek strands.

Smooth Conditioner (500ml) Hydrates | Silkens | De-Frizzes
Reduce friction by sealing and smoothing each strand with this rich and creamy conditioner.


Formulated with our first-of-its-kind Alpha Keratin 60ku® protein, this shampoo and conditioner duo act as a powerful in-shower daily smoothing treatment for hair. They repave rough cuticles and reduce friction between each strand, tackling frizz at the source for hair care that goes light years beyond basic cleansing.

A restorative blend of herbs, fruits, and citrus, incorporating soothing lavender and fresh mint essential oils.

Molecules derived from natural soybeans that help fight frizz and protect against humidity.
Gotu Kola
A multitasking Indian herb that promotes strength, smoothness, and luster.
Pink Pomelo (Conditioner)
A nutrient-rich citrus fruit full of vitamin A, C, B1, and zinc to give hair a shot of vitality.

- All hair types, especially those with frizz-prone, wavy, or curly hair.
- Safe for color-treated and chemically treated hair.


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